Masimo Patient SafetyNet System


Left to right: Julie McAllister, VP of Nursing, Dr. Peter Rutherford, CH CEO, Nancy Goodfellow, Tim Carson, President, Armada Corp and Tracey Kasnic, Sr. VP and Chief Nursing Officer

This new technology provides accurate and actionable patient alarms if a patient slows their breathing to a dangerous level after surgery.

The System helps keep post-operative patients safe on general surgical floors and areas where patients need continuous monitoring and surveillance. It monitors for “respiratory depression” in a patient which is often a result of operative anesthetics and post-operative pain medications.

In addition to oxygen level, the System also monitors actual respirations via a miniature stethoscope placed on the patient’s throat. When oxygen level or respiratory rate drop below a safe threshold, alarms alert clinical staff to immediately respond to assess and intervene preventing adverse patient outcomes. False alarms are significantly reduced utilizing evidence based settings and improved alarm notifications improving the quality of patient care.

The Foundation is happy to announce that in addition to the donation from Mrs. Goodfellow, proceeds from the 19th Annual Armada Golf Classic, will also benefit the Masimo Patient SafetyNet System.

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