What is the Confluence Health Foundation doing to support COVID-19 relief efforts in North Central Washington?

The Foundation is working in partnership with the Chelan-Douglas Health District to collect personal protective equipment (PPE) and distribute it to healthcare workers, care givers, and community-based organizations. So far, we have distributed manufactured and homemade PPE to local assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, adult family homes, shelters, and other organizations in need. Donated PPE is also being used at Confluence Health to help protect workers on the front lines against the Coronavirus. Click here for more details about PPE donations.

In addition, we are raising funds for Confluence Health’s COVID-19 response efforts. Funding from our donors will be used to offset treatment costs, purchase critical medical supplies, meet the demands associated with Confluence Health’s response to the pandemic, and much more. The Foundation will work with Confluence Health’s leadership to ensure that donor funding is directed at the most critical needs. Every dollar will make a difference.

How has Confluence Health responded to the crisis?

Confluence Health took swift action to help protect patients, employees, and the community from COVID-19. Leadership recognized the threat early and initiated steps to ensure the organization would be able to continue providing safe, high-quality healthcare with compassion throughout the region.

Activities include:

  • Launching a Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) that is responsible for the planning, response, and recovery efforts at Confluence’s hospitals and clinics,
  • Increasing bed capacity,
  • Collaborating with local healthcare agencies to complete a regional bed plan designed to accommodate an influx of patients,
  • Conducting staff training to ensure healthcare workers can skillfully meet new demands associated with COVID-19,
  • Improving access to telemedicine services for patients so, that they can access the healthcare they need in the safest, most expedient way possible,
  • Working with state and local officials to provide clear, accurate, and timely information to patients, employees, and the community about COVID-19,
  • Developing drive-through testing sites in Wenatchee and Omak, and
  • Updating operations to align with rapidly changing information.

How will my gift to the Confluence Health Foundation for COVID-19 response make a difference?

Donations from community members like you will be an essential part of Confluence Health’s COVID-19 response and recovery efforts. In order to maximize the impact of your gift to the Foundation, we will work with Confluence Health’s leadership to identify the organization’s most urgent needs. This type of flexibility enables us to derive the largest impact possible from donor funds.

How do we learn more about the Foundation’s impact?

We encourage our donors to follow us on Facebook. We also keep in touch through our website’s news page. If you would like to know more about our work, you can call the Foundation’s office to speak with one of the staff.

Where can I find more information about COVID-19?

Visit Confluence Health’s website.