Foundation Funds Sentimag Localization Systems

The Confluence Health Foundation is pleased to announce that donor funding is purchasing new equipment that will revolutionize breast cancer care at Confluence Health. In February, the Confluence Health Foundation Board of Trustees unanimously approved the purchase of two Sentimag Localization Systems.

This new equipment will completely change the patient experience for those receiving surgical treatment for breast cancer. Currently, equipment limitations create circumstances that require breast masses targeted for treatment to be marked using a long, thin wire that is implanted into the breast.  These localizations occur at Wenatchee Valley Hospital, but many patients must then be transported to Central Washington Hospital in a cabulance for surgery. To ensure the wire is not dislodged during transport, a Styrofoam cup is taped over the wire that is emerging from the breast. This process, although functional, is inconsistent with Confluence’s goals to provide high-quality patient experiences.

The Breast Care team saw an opportunity to improve the standard of care by using a new technology called Sentimag Localization System. Now a Magseed, a tiny magnetic marker, can be easily implanted into the breast tissue at any time prior to surgery. Because Magseeds are so small, it will not require a cabulance ride or Styrofoam cup for transport to Central Washington Hospital. During surgery, the surgeon uses the Sentimag Localization System to locate the Magseed and remove the mass.  All the way around, the Sentimag Localization Systems and the Magseeds will provide a smoother, less invasive process for patients.

Confluence Health surgery departments did not have the capital funds available to purchase the SLS device, so they came to the Confluence Health Foundation for help.  Donor funds were leveraged to purchase two devices – one for Wenatchee Valley Hospital and one for Central Washington Hospital. The system should be launched in the next few months.

The Foundation believes that devices like Sentimag Localization Systems are critical to helping our patients receive the highest quality of healthcare possible. We are proud to support new technology that restores dignity and comfort in medical care.

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