Foundation Mini Grant Helps Nurse Navigators Provide Remote Care

The Confluence Health Foundation is pleased to announce that Central Washington Hospital Heart Failure Clinic’s program, Cardiology Cares, has received seed funding that will kickstart the program for the next six months.

The goal of the Cardiology Cares program is to empower patients so that they are better equipped to monitor their chronic systolic or diastolic heart failure, which will lead to improved management of the diseases and longer, healthier, happier lives.

To accomplish this, Heart Failure Clinic patients in need will receive a free automatic blood pressure cuff and a scale that they can take home. They will also receive training on how to use the devices and what information to share with their providers. Blood pressure monitors and scales can not only help with managing medications and treatment plans, but they can also catch precursors to life-threatening medical events so that patients can get the emergent care they need right away.

Foundation seed funding is intended to provide programs like Cardiology Cares with an opportunity to get off the ground. During this initial period, those managing the program will collect data that demonstrates the program’s impact. The Foundation uses this data to build a case for support which is used when approaching possible funding partners or donors. The goal is to find a long-term, sustainable funding source for programs that deliver significant benefits for patients as well as those that advance health equity in the region.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can use your donation to launch novel, high impact programs that improve the health of North Central Washington? If so, reach out and we will tell you more!

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