GLP Attorneys Doubles Down on Their Commitment to Reach Out and Read

We are thrilled to welcome GLP Attorneys back as a sustaining donor of Confluence Health’s Reach Out and Read programs. This year, they doubled their contribution to the program, which will provide over 350 children with age-appropriate books. Since 2020, GLP Attorneys has been the largest sponsor of this delightful and clinically significant program that benefits so many of Confluence Health’s youngest patients.

Why Reach Out and Read? GLP Attorneys supports the program because they understand that even the simple act of handing a child a book can have a significant impact on their future.

Reach Out and Read began in 1989 when a group of pediatricians and educators in Boston began providing books to young patients during their check-ups. When they evaluated the program, they found that parents of the children that received a book from their pediatrician were more likely to read to their child than those that did not. Reading to children has a profound impact on childhood literacy, which has implications on educational attainment later in life. Therefore, researchers were able to show the lasting impact of Reach Out and Read on patients who participated in the program. In 1998, the American Academy of Pediatrics officially endorsed Reach Out and Read as a best practice.

As the program progressed, the evidence base of Reach Out and Read continued to grow. Researchers learned that reading and childhood literacy wasn’t the only outcome of the program. In fact, giving a child a book provides physicians with insight into both the cognitive and physical development of the patient. For example, can the child grasp the book? Can they orient the book properly and open it up? How does the child interact with the book? The book serves as a launchpad to facilitate important discussions with parents and improves the overall quality of the healthcare visit.

GLP Attorneys has a commitment to compassion, collaboration, and creativity, which is demonstrated by a legacy of giving back to the communities they serve. Their investment in this unique and high-impact program shows that they understand the power of local philanthropy.

We’re grateful for partners like GLP Attorneys and all donors that support this program. As we continue pursuing greater health equity for our region, it is the investments in programs like these that will continue to make a difference.

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