Stop the Bleed Programing Teaches Community Members Life-Saving Techniques

We’ve all seen the action movies where a beloved supporting character is wounded, and the film’s protagonist cradles their friend as they take their last breath. While most of us would clutch a tissue and whimper at the heartbreaking scene, the sixty North Central Washington residents that participated in a Stop the Bleed training would scream at their TVs, “apply pressure to the injury!”. That’s because Stop the Bleed training equips members of the public with the skills and confidence necessary to prevent loss of life from physical trauma, such as accidents or gunshot wounds.

Jay Bretz, Trauma and SANE Program Manager at Central Washington Hospital, approached the Foundation with the idea to provide Stop the Bleed training to teachers, law enforcement, nurses, security staff, and other members of the community. His goal was to disseminate Stop the Bleed principles widely, so more victims live long enough to reach the resources and expertise at a hospital, thus increasing the chances of survival.

Proceeds from the Foundation’s 2018 Armada Golf Classic helped fund five Stop the Bleed training sessions in North Central Washington. These trainings were led by Jenn Foreman, owner of Combat First Aid. Training participants included 12 nurses, 16 law enforcement personnel, 21 EMS and fire personnel, and 11 civilians – 60 people total.

Injuries often happen in places where ordinary bystanders become the first-responders. Empowering members of the public to respond in situations where someone’s life is in danger can make a difference.

Special thanks to those that participated in the training, including members of staff from Wenatchee School District, Aero Methow, Twisp Police Department, Chelan County Fire, Department of Transportation, and Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office. To help us support more Stop the Bleed trainings in our region, contact the Foundation office.

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