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Stan & Sue Simmons, in memory of Nancy Duree I have been honored to share a friendship with Nancy Duree for many years now. It’s a relationship that transcends death. We met as young college students. Travel, family members, interests, and gardening all played unifying parts in our lives. Nancy’s respect for nature and her belief in the helpful affects that its beauty, intricacies, and ability to bring comfort were evident in her life. When she became ill in her early fifties, she drew upon these life-long connections.  She talked about using gardening as a means of aid for the elderly, unwell, and those who care for them. Those conversations have been a part of my gardening hours and years since her passing. When I was honored by the request to redesign this healing garden, I knew that this was our project. Her love for gardens, and knowledge of their impact upon our bodies and spirits have been woven into the design and hopes for this garden.
Apple City Electric
Kent Rukke In memory of Deborah Jean Rukke
Marlys & Ford Barrett In honor of the Hoxsey Family, who has over 100 years of medical service in the Wenatchee Valley.
The Sorom Family Remembering Dr. Terry Sorom. He gave his sense of humor and clear vision to see life’s choices. He made a difference.
Steven and Mallory Neher



Carol Wardell & Kurt Mack
Dale Young In memory of Rose Young
Dr. Doug Wilson and Mariliz Romano In honor of Laurie Romano
James A. Telford In honor of the many employees who spend their days giving shots with smiling faces! Honorable!
Jerome and Sharon Brotherton In honor of Dr. E Michael Graham
Julie McAllister and Steve Clem Thank you to all of our healthcare heroes. Find a peaceful respite in the garden.
Keith and Lisa Goehner
Dr. Mabel and Patrick Bodell In honor of the Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Council (HEDI)
Dr. Peter and Karen Rutherford In honor of all Confluence Health employees
Ralph and Sonya Womack
Timothy and Kathryn Carson
Dr. Walter and Caitilin Newman In memory of Hal Newman



Cori, Si & Corina Bautista
Dr. David and Karen Wiggum In memory of Christine Baguley M.D.
Delbert and Autumn Griffith In honor of certified nursing assistants
Donald E. Van Winkle Family: Pam, Fona, Beau & Shelby The ICU personnel gave excellent, loving, respectful care to Don, and our family was so grateful. They all have a gift, and we appreciated all of them.
Earl and Barbara Tilly
Dr. Jac Tiechner In memory of Kathryn Ann Tiechner, rest in peace May 5, 2021
Judy S. Conner
J. Patrick and Peggy Aylward
Moonlight Stone Works, Inc.
Phyllis Sievert
Richard and Georgia Boon In honor of Dr. Broberg, Dr. Farrar, Dr. Campbell, and Dr. Vejvoda
Terry and Karen Stuller



Al and Millie Cordell In honor of Dr. Sara Norris
Barbara Copp
Brad and Amy Eckert In honor of the Progressive Care Unit
Chuck McKinney In honor of the CWH ICU Department for taking great care of my love, Mary Ellen McKinney.
Dr. Cici and Randy Asplund
Don and Bonnie Brawley In honor of Dr. Thomas Tucker
Don and Tracey Kasnic In honor of Central Washington Hospital RN’s, CNA’s and RT’s
Anonymous In memory of Craig Lyle Carson
Gary and Ida Marie Callison
Glenn and Cheryl Adams
Home Health Hospice Department In honor of JoAnn Hampton, PT, who retired from the Home Health Hospice Department
Jerry Zerr
John and Karen Lunt
Kris Deyerle In honor of the Behavioral Health Department
Dr. Michael A. Parnell In honor of the Emergency Department
Rick Deich
In memory of Roger N. Harris, Sr. With gratitude for the hospital and its staff
Stan Bastian and Alicia Nakata
Dr. Stephen and Sally Voorhies In honor of Wenatchee Family Practice
Teri Etter In honor of Jim and Billie Etter
Dr. Timothy and Susan O’Dea
Vicky Scharlau & Jim Tweden In memory of Don Scharlau



Adele and Pat Haley In memory of Morrie Payton, PharmD
Anthony Fiano In honor of Jeffery Marchant
Arden and Donna Detering
Barbara Beidler In memory of Jerry Hersel
Barbara Lyon In honor of Heather Preissler, DO
Brenda Jagla In memory of Amy Bender
Dr. Byron and Jan Lee
Carla Yuen & Joe Evenson In honor of Dr. Derrick, Dr. Bunch and Dr. Morper
Cheryl Wood
Chris Clausen
Dr. Chris Hogness and Dr. Leesa Linck
Chuck Jinneman In memory of Joan Jinneman
Clark and Patricia Ogle In honor of Medical Oncology caregivers
Dan and Wanda Gaab
Debby Shea Anderson
Debra Barham-Nokes In memory of Steven James Barham-Nokes
Dennis and Marilyn Peet
Don and Heidi Myers In honor of Lisa Myers, RN and Jan Vetter, PA
Elizabeth and Rodney Schmidt
The Elwyn Family In memory of James Elwyn
In memory of Eric Skansgaard
Frank Fuhrer-Juvet and Adele Juvet-Fuhrer
Gail Dix
Dr. Gerald and Teri Rappé
Gordon and Joan Martin
Henry D. Creger
Janie Countryman In honor of Michele Moseley, ARNP
James and Gerri Dolman
James A. Telford In honor of Morrie Payton
Joseph and Ann Gaspers
Karen Hamilton
Kathleen Bergman and Sharon Brown In memory of Morrie Payton, PharmD
Kathryn Spencer In memory of her mother, Leslie Bryant, RN
Kathy and Roger Harris
Anonymous In honor of Dr. Tyler Sherman
Larry and Patricia Smith
Leslie and Greg Peterson
Loretta Fischer In memory of Morrie Payton, PharmD
Mrs. Lorraine Mathison
Lou and Rose Butkovich
Dr. Makrina and Fr. Michael Shanbour
Anonymous In honor of Rachel Miller, RN, BSN
Margie Kerr
Marlin and Deanna Lannoye on behalf of the Wenatchee Valley Street Rods Car Club A great thank you to all of the employees of Confluence Health for the outstanding care that you give to all of us in the greater Central Washington area.
Marsha Taylor In memory of Amy Bender
Mary Lou Johnson
Megan Parish and John Beckerman In honor of those committed to the health of this region
Nancy and John Valeson
Nina and Thomas Hackworth
Reverend Paul and Sydna Pankey
Peter and Joanne Hill In honor of all nurses past, present and future
Ray Toll In honor of Barbara Bourgeois
Rene Bennett In memory of Eugene H. Bennett
Rhonda and Abel Noah
Dr. Richard and Daniela Dickson In honor of all nurses working through COVID-19
Rick and Jan Foster Lanphere
Robert Fries In honor of Sharon Fries, R.N.
Ron and Kathy Martin In honor of Kinda Marker, RN, BSN
Ron and Lori Tipler In honor of the laboratory staff
Scot Erickson
Shirley Bartelle
Stan & Bev Hoyt
Susan Howard In honor of essential workers
Susan Marshall and Glenn Liner
Terry Nicholas
Terry Zimmerman
Thelma Wolfe In honor of Dr. Nathan Rudometkin and the Regional Eye Clinic
Dr. Theodore and Frances O’Donnell In memory of Mary Claire O’Donnell
Tim and Karen Zanol In honor of Carolyn M. Grisez, R.N.
Thomas and Tracy Gausman
William and Linda Rowley



Bill and Marlene Chadderton
Charles and Beverly Robins
Eva Pauline Glessner
Jacinda Rublaitus
Jack and Patti Powers
Anonymous In honor of the Urology Department
Joyce O’Neal In memory of Sonny J. O’Neal. Sonny was a forest supervisor of Okanogan-Wenatchee Forest for 17 years. He loved the forest, the employees, and the public, which he served very well. He was beloved by all!
Karen and Tony McCart In honor of the CWH human resources staff from 2005-2013
Ken and Gracie Pulse
Marilou Klimpel Thank you Hospice Team for your care and grace. In memory of our beloved Terry Klimpel, Sr.
Matthew J. McKinney In loving memory of Mary Ellen McKinney
Mickey Cunningham In memory of William A. Cunningham, Jr.
Phil Kepler
Roger and Sandra Pollock
Rosamond Dibble