Central Washington Hospital’s Healing Garden

Foundation donors funded the rejuvenation of a small courtyard garden at Central Washington Hospital. This beautiful space has been dedicated to Confluence Health employees and providers who faithfully serve the healthcare needs of residents of North Central Washington. The healing garden is accessible to all patients, visitors, and staff.

Honoring Present and Past Employees

Many of our healing garden donors made their gifts in honor or memory of a healthcare professional, friend, colleague, loved one, or group.

Healing Garden Photos

“Before” Photos

“After” Photos

A special ‘thank you’ to Sue Simmons

The healing garden landscape was designed by former CWH employee Sue Simmons. Though it has been many years since her time working as speech language pathologist, Sue remembers it fondly. The memories of colleagues and patients inspired her to create a beautiful, calming, and nurturing space that can be shared by staff and visitors alike.

The garden design is inspired by Sue’s friendship with Nancy Duree. Nancy, believed whole-heartedly in the healing power of gardens for the mind, body, and spirit. Before her passing, Nancy instilled a love of healing gardens within Sue. You can read Sue’s touching tribute to her friend Nancy here.

Sue volunteered countless hours planning garden and overseeing its completion. Her creativity, expert knowledge of plants, and passion for the project have made it a truly wonderful place for its visitors. We’re grateful for Sue’s commitment, vision, and talent!