Big News! We’re Turning Dirt on the Garden Project

For the last month, the Confluence Health Foundation has been collecting donations for the Help Us Heal garden project. The goal is to transform a small outdoor courtyard in Central Washington Hospital’s (CWH) lobby into a beautiful healing garden dedicated to employees and providers who faithfully serve the healthcare needs of North Central Washington. When completed, the garden will serve as a lasting expression of our donor’s sincerest appreciation for the dedication, strength, and compassion employees and providers at Confluence Health demonstrate each and every day they come to work.

Healing gardens are specially designed greenspaces found within or adjacent to healthcare settings. They are multipurpose – providing an environment for quiet reflection, meditation, prayer, or comforting conversations. Studies have shown that garden visitors report significant changes in mood, including reduced anxiety and sadness; a greater sense of calm, peace, and belonging; and an overall feeling of well-being. Researchers have also documented physical benefits, like reductions in blood pressure.

The garden was designed by former CWH employee, Sue Simmons. Her vast knowledge of plants and passion for gardening helped her create a plan that incorporates the fundamental principles healing gardens while highlighting the natural and architectural beauty of the space. Design elements include:

  • A white, purple, and chartreuse color palate
  • Traditional Japanese garden themes
  • Year-round and night appeal
  • Preservation of some existing garden elements, including dogwoods and rhododendrons
  • Accessibility and inclusiveness of all employees, patients, and visitors

We’ve partnered with CWH Engineering, Apple City Electric, and Young Bucks to get the job done. Work is slated to begin at the end of June or early July. The first step is to remove the ivy that has taken over the garden area. Next, a fresh coat of paint will be applied to the walls and furniture to improve the overall aesthetic. The new garden will also include a carefully curated selection of plants, accented by thoughtful light design, planters, and artwork. A new donor wall will provide space for recognition of those that made this project possible.

There is still time for you to help this project reach its full potential. Every dollar you give sends a message to employees and providers that they are valued. Give now and show your support to those that serve the healthcare needs of this region. Let’s show them how much we care!

To see the “before” images of the garden and the plans, visit the Help Us Heal webpage.

Donor recognition levels and a donation form can be found here, or you can donate online.

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